External Cleaning

We provide complex summer and winter maintenance of pavements, dogs´ excrement disposal, street cleaning, maintenance of city greenery and urban furniture, etc.

Our strength is in long experience in the market of cleaning services. We use the latest cleaning machinery. We have trained staff that works under highly qualified management. In all our services, we apply a multi-level inspection system of jobs provided.

In the area of outdoor cleaning, we offer:

  • Mechanized cleaning of pavements with pre-sprinkling
  • Mechanized collection of dog excrements
  • Manual cleaning of pavements
  • Manual additional cleaning of pavements
  • High pressure pavement cleaning
  • Winter pavement maintenance
  • Waste disposal from waste baskets
  • Cleaning service of waste container places
  • Waste disposal of special dog excrement waste baskets
  • Supplement of new paper bags for dog excrements
  • Maintenance of city furniture (waste baskets, benches, etc.)
  • Supply and maintenance of transport equipment
  • Maintenance of historical water parts
  • Qualified care about city greenery
  • Manual maintenance of greenery (grass, bushes, etc.)
  • Leave collecting
  • Spring cleaning of greenery
  • Brush cutter sawing
  • Disposal of undesirable tress, bushes
  • Cleaning, maintenance and operation of children’s´ playgrounds
  • Special cleaning of public areas – spring cleaning, cleaning after events, floods
  • Minor building services, conservatory services, pavement repairs
  • Graffiti removal from outdoor areas
  • Disposal of illegal waste dumps
  • Etc.

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