Office Building Cleaning

We provide comprehensive cleaning of commercial buildings, offices, hotels incl. office kitchens, cleaning of sports grounds, training sites, banks, medical premises, shopping centres, etc.

We provide cleaning 365 days per year. We use the latest cleaning equipment of top quality, health non-risking cleaning agents. We can supply sanitary equipment. If you are looking for a well established company, we are here to offer you our services.

In the area of indoor cleaning, we offer:

  • Mechanical cleaning of floor lining
  • Manual cleaning of floor lining
  • Comprehensive cleaning of entrance halls and receptions
  • Comprehensive cleaning of offices, common areas, toilets
  • Lift cleaning
  • Window and glass areas cleaning
  • Wet cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • Day/night cleaning service
  • Spring cleaning
  • Cleaning after new builds, renovations and floods
  • Cleaning of lower ceilings, lights
  • Mechanical and manual cleaning of garages and parking places
  • Etc.

We also provide:

  • Facade and cladding cleaning
  • Specialized cleaning with rope access/ abseiling or hydraulic platforms
  • Vertical and horizontal blinds cleaning
  • Maintenance of hard surfaces by waxing
  • Curtain, drapery washing and hanging
  • DDD services
  • Etc.

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