COPA Retail, k.s.

Comprehensive cleaning of Skoda´s Palace, Neubergovský Palace, Panská 7 Editorial Offices, Hergert´s Brickworks, Kaunicky Palace.
Czech Enterprise Insurance Company

Comprehensive cleaning.
Czech Statistical Office

Comprehensive cleaning of the office building.
Prague Municipality

Comprehensive cleaning of the following buildings: New City Hall, New Office Building, Old Town Hall, Clam – Gallas Palace, Lost and Found, Emauzy Premises, etc.
Prague 1 City Quarter

Comprehensive outdoor clearing. Regular mechanical all year pavement cleaning, maintenance of public and historical greenery, maintenance of solitary items and city furniture, waste basket disposal, pavement repair, children’s playground maintenance and operation.
Prague 3 City Quarter

Outdoor areas cleaning, waste basket disposal, dogs´ excrement bags replacement.
Prague 5 City Quarter

Regular mechanical all year maintenance of selected pavements.
Prague 6 City Quarter

Comprehensive outdoor cleaning. Regular mechanical all-year maintenance of pavements, public greenery, street cleaning, pavement repair.
Prague 7 City Quarter

Comprehensive cleaning incl. waste basket disposal.
Prague 13 City Quarter

All-year maintenace of pavements, cleaning in public greenery, waste basket disposal.
Prague 14 City Quarter

All-year maintenace of pavements, waste basket disposal, cleaning in public greenery.

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