We are CDV. We have been specializing in cleaning services since 1993. We handle small and large jobs, regular and one-off.
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  • State of the art

  • Years of

  • Stable

They trust us

  • Dopravní podník hl. m. Prahy
  • ČPP
  • Praha 1
  • Praha 6
  • Hlavní město Praha
  • O2 Universum
  • Pražské služby a.s.
  • COPA
  • O2 Arena
  • Centra a.s.

What can we help you with?

  • Outdoor cleaning and

    • Pedestrian communication
    • Maintenance of green areas
    • Seasonal services
    • Waste disposal
    • Public areas
    • Special Services

    …and more

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  • Administrative
    buildings cleaning

    • Offices
    • Shopping centres
    • Hotels (inlcuding kitchen)
    • Sports facilities
    • Medical facilities
    • Public transport

    …and more

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  • Residential

    • All kinds of housing units
    • Common areas cleaning
    • Cleaning windows and glass surfaces
    • Elevator cabin cleaning
    • Cleaning up after construction sites, floods…
    • Cleaning garages and parking spaces

    …and more

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  • Special

    • Regular comprehensive cleaning
    • General cleaning
    • Cleaning windows and glass surfaces
    • Washing vestibules
    • Washing facades and building envelopes
    • Daily cleaning service

    …and more

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Did you know that…

  • 2 000+

    tonnes of waste per year for recycling and reuse

  • 280+

    residential buildings that we manage cleaning for

  • 3 500+ kg

    of dog excrement is collected annually from the streets of Prague



  • During what hours do we provide services?

    We are able to carry out services according to the customer’s needs 24 hours a day, office cleaning is carried out either in the morning before the arrival of employees, or in the afternoon and evening after the departure of employees, or during the customer’s working hours.
  • How often do we clean apartment buildings/offices?

    Offices based on agreement 1 – 7 times a week, apartment buildings mostly 1 time a week.
  • Do we have to be present during the cleaning?

    No, you don’t have to – once the cleaning standards have been specified, cleaning can be carried out without your presence. Quality is assured by our trained staff and three-step quality control.
  • Can we remove graffiti?

    YES – either by chemical or mechanical means or with the help of external professional companies
  • Do we offer evening/night/morning cleaning?

    Yes, according to the customer’s needs we are able to provide cleaning at any time of the day or night.
  • Are we environmentally friendly?

    Yes, we carry out all cleaning and janitorial work in accordance with sustainable development and the ISO 14001 standard.
  • Do we do bin collections?

    We currently collect rubbish from private premises and from the streets of some districts of Prague. We also carry out the removal and disposal of waste from clearing works, or the disposal of black dumps (using containers or on the back of trucks). We regularly export 110, 240 and 1100 litre bins for mixed or separated waste (glass, plastic, paper) in cooperation with an external company.
  • Is regular cleaning done by the same people?

    We try to ensure that the work is carried out by the same cleaning crews.
  • Do we have insurance?

    YES – the company is insured for damages caused to third parties up to CZK 100 million.
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